Why use a 3d scanner

With the rapid development of industry, the rapid acquisition of 3d digital model of objects in various fields presents an.

With the rapid development of industry, the rapid acquisition of 3d digital model of objects in various fields presents an increasingly urgent trend, along with this trend 3d scanner came into being, it can transfer the original 3d data of objects into the computer, and quickly build a digital model of the object, so as to medical 3d printing, reverse engineering,Medical and other fields.

Why use a 3d scanner

In the reverse traditional engineering, because the design drawings are incomplete or no data drawings, if you want to directly use the physical drawings need to use modeling and other tools, the design is cumbersome, the time is relatively long, and the use of 3d scanner can quickly build a digital model to be applied in reverse engineering, greatly shorten the design cycle,and improve the efficiency of production.

3d scanners in automotive, aerospace and other industries have been more widely used. After the original can be produced by scanning the original to build a digital model of the original, and then by digital model and the original design to compare, so that you can check the original error, the error has a more intuitive understanding of the error. In fact, 3d scanner not only in these industries have applications, in other industries also have a wide range of applications, with the development of industry, it has occupied an important position in the industrial field. We found from the rapid changes in the 3d printing industry, 3d stereo model is the key to 3d printing, and now only those 3d designers and professional enthusiasts can master the relevant software applications and skills, build their own needs of the model, for the general public, the face of 3d printing expertise can only listen to and see,To get involved requires simple assistive devices and applications to implement.

Why use a 3d scanner

Now many 3d printer manufacturers have developed and designed 3d scanners, 3d scanning has become a rapidly growing field, the design software of the big brands have long introduced a 3d model service, but its data source is only a few 2d photos. Therefore, can not handle smooth surface items, scanning accuracy and practical range and 3d scanner hardware compared to the do not have too many advantages, which 3d scanner and 3d printing has played a good role in promoting. In the future, to portrait scanning, for example, the reality of you and the network world you are not only the name, mobile phone number, ID card correspondence, but also the true appearance of the characteristics of the corresponding.

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